Saturday, September 05, 2015

The below principles from the development of the Regional Clinical Services Programme guide ongoing work in the regional work programme.


Principles of the Regional Work Programme

1. Look to the future

 Need to look at the future in the context of the future, NOT the past.

 Solutions of the past may not be appropriate to solve the challenges that are currently being faced.

4. Provision of a quality service

Provision of a quality service, which is locally provided where this is safe, affordable and sustainable.

People of the region have their health services provided locally where those services are safe, affordable and sustainable, while maintaining quality. Need to make sure that “local ownership” vs “local service provision” are not mixed up.

2. Regional collaboration

Regional collaboration for service improvement and innovation across the continuum.

Choosing to work together in order to find new and better ways of organising, funding, delivering and continuously improving health services in the region.

5. More and better services

More and better services within the context of the total regional budget.

Constant evaluation and continued development of a system that will deliver increased value for money while maintaining or improving quality of care.

3. Reducing health inequalities

Reducing health inequalities across the Central Region over time.

Working together to improve equity in access, utilisation and outcomes of health services in the region. In particular, high priority should be accorded to solutions that contribute to reducing disparities for Māori and Pacific Peoples.

6. Workforce Development

Workforce issues dominate regional collaboration and underpin concepts relating to sustainability, quality and access, and are therefore recognised here.

Need to note that alternative service models could lead to alternative employment relationships.

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