Saturday, October 10, 2015
The Regional Services Plan (RSP) builds on the existing regional collaboration to make better use of available resources to ensure the region’s services are sustainable, fair and meet the changing needs of the population.
The Central Region DHBs have developed  Regional Services Plan at the direction of the Minister of Health and each year the plan will be updated. The RSP plan builds on existing regional work programmes (such as the Regional Clinical Services Plan or “RCSP”) and includes some new initiatives as well. The RSP was prepared collaboratively by the six Central Region DHBs with input from their clinicians, managers and consumer representatives. The RSP received feedback from the National Health Board and received final approval from the Minister of Health.
The RSP is about working smarter and more sensibly as a region using collective resources to plan for the future to meet the changing and diverse needs of the Central Region’s population and health sector workforce. It outlines how the Central Region DHBs will work together to bring a regional perspective to planning and service delivery that will improve health outcomes for the collective population irrespective of an individual’s postcode and proximity to a major hospital.


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