Saturday, September 05, 2015
About the Project


This report details the health needs of the Central Region and was undertaken in 2007/08. It provides an analysis of the region’s population, general health status and health outcomes, access and utilisation of services and an overview of some of the critical/main health issues. Covered in this report is information on health outcomes, hospital admissions and key health areas that include primary health, mental health, child health, and health of older people. Particular conditions of interest included in this report are cancer and chronic conditions such as circulatory system diseases, diabetes, renal failure, and respiratory diseases. The report includes a brief summary on the implications of issues identified for the Central Region.

This HNA will be a valuable tool for the region and for all community public health providers for strategic planning in the short and medium term.

The Central Region has also developed a regional clinical services plan and a regional mental health services plan. This regional HNA document will complement these plans and together the three will provide a very informative resource for strategic planning.

For information on the methodology, limitations and snap shot of each chapter refer to the introduction chapter.

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