Monday, November 24, 2014

About the Plan

The future of healthcare, in New Zealand and internationally, will be very different from today. Social, technological, environmental and workplace changes are occurring faster than ever. The burden of chronic care associated with an ageing population, as well as rising patient expectations, technological advances and clinical process innovations will all shape a health system that will look very different from the one we currently know. The existing model [in which DHBs in the Lower North Island operate] will not be able to respond to these challenges.

The Regional Clinical Services Plan (RCSP) proposes a new model, which recognises home and community as the preferred place for the provision of most clinical care. It argues for stronger community-based services and primary care that meets a wide range of health needs without resorting to hospital care. Hospitals will then be freed up to focus on the provision of more complex care.

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Future Model of Care

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Regional Decision Making Framework


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