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Network Objectives
The purpose of the Health of Older People (HoP) Network is to provide oversight and governance to HoP projects which support the Regional Services Plan (RSP).
Key principles of the HoP Network are:
Regional collaboration for service integration, improvement and innovation across the care continuum
Choosing to work together in order to find new and better ways of organising, funding, delivering and continuously improving health services in the region.
Equity of access across the Central Region
Working together to ensure equitable access to Health of Older People services in the region. This could mean changes in service configuration and volume of services in some DHBs.
Provision of a quality service, which is locally provided where this is safe, affordable and sustainable
Striving to provide services locally where possible and exploring alternative service models and collaborative arrangements. Centres of excellence are needed; however equally there are situations where DHBs sharing responsibility for services will ensure the best possible access for their local community.
More and better services within the constraints of the regional resource
Constant evaluation and continued development of a system that will deliver increased value for money while maintaining or improving quality of care. DHB investment decisions need to be made within the context of regional service needs.
Workforce development as a key enabler of service development
Investing in our workforce in the right way will make it possible to improve and sustain Health of Older Peoples services over time. This is a vital building block to improving patient access to services and health outcomes.
Technology is a key enabler of service delivery andsupports the delivery of care closer to, or in the patients home, avoiding the need for travel
Information technology and telemedicine have a great potential for improving the quality of life for older people. The Central Region must align with national strategy and regional direction to ensure technology delivers improved access and supports health outcomes for older adults.
Regional HOP projects for 2013/2014 are:
  • Advance Care Plans
  • Dementia Pathways
  • Multi Interventional Approach to Polypharmacy


For more information contact:
Kendra Sanders
Project Manager Health of Older People

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