Thursday, September 18, 2014

 Year 2012 - 2013                                                                                                                                         Past testimonials

Some Positive Provider Feedback:

  • Well coordinated team, strongly led by the Lead Auditor, excellent communication from the audit team during the audit process.

  • The Team were very professional, competent and a pleasure to have at our Health Centre. The recommendations, when implemented, will definitely add value to our service.

  • It helped a lot to learn about our internal operations, made out team proud to showcase their work and to look for further improvements in service provision. Very valuable experience!

  • We are very grateful to have had professional and knowledgeable audit team working with us. Their conduct and communication throughout the audit was exemplary. Our special thanks goes to the Lead Auditor whose outstanding coordination and communication skills ensured smooth and effective running of the audit - his skill in working between his team of 5 auditors and large number of our staff was impressive. We particularly value the lead auditor’s attention to details and his concern for our staff. Never met anyone with higher standards when it comes to timely communication skills during the audit visit and reporting process afterwards. We value governance expertise that we received from a specialist auditor. His ability to work well with our board members was much appreciated. Financial management team was impressed with the auditor’s competence not just in financial but also business environment. The clinical auditors were top professionals who were inspecting our work to the details!! But we learned from them greatly, thank you. The team was grateful to "their auditor" for the appreciation of their service while auditing clinical processes and questioning every policy!

  • All in all very positive experience for our team. We have learned a lot and are following up on the suggestions that the audit team made during the audit. It highlighted areas where we can do even better and confirmed that QI approach works.

  • In behalf of the provider family, thanks to you and your team for the collaborative audit. It was a truly positive experience – which is unusual during a root canal.  We have learned a lot as an organisation and have a full calendar ahead with which to embed them into our systems and service processes.

  • Thanks for a professional team doing a thorough audit.

  • We were very pleased with the findings and also grateful for the recommendations and we will incorporate these into the delivery of our services to further improve the quality. We would also like to thank you and your team for providing a process that was mana enhancing and encouraging.  


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